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After-Sale Services

The largest fleet of After-Sales Services of Shaker Group in the KSA

Resulted in an Absolute Leadership and Continuous Achievements Over the Years

Shaker Group, the sole agent for LG Air Conditioners, and global Home Appliances brands like Indesit, Ariston, Maytag, Bissell and Midea in Saudi Arabia and many other prominent Home Appliances products; achieved many milestones which had a positive impact in building and strengthening the trust and loyalty of the customers.

These achievements distinguished Shaker Group in providing the best After-Sales services to the customers, including the deliveries and maintenance and technical support through the full network of service centers throughout the kingdom. This success is based on the brilliant history of Shaker Group in terms of the after-sales service and perfect maintenance.

Shaker Group shows the high reliability of services provided to the customers in the Saudi market and the whole region. This reflects high level of excellence and eagerness in leadership positioning. All of the above mentioned led to win the best performance Award of LG MEA distributors, in recognition of its leading role in assuring the best services and the latest products to our customers.

Shaker Group has also obtained the ISO certificates in the domain of customer’s service, which is considered as a strong motivation to move towards greater achievements. Shaker Group will continue its efforts to reach higher levels of quality and to apply the latest innovative plans to maintain the notable position it deservedly acquired

Shaker Group Confirms its leading role and #1 position in the Saudi market on daily basis, being the best Air-Conditioners and Home Appliances provider as well as the leader in the after-sales services in KSA and the whole region, driven by the eagerness and determination to achieve the highest quality and meet the customers’ expectations by providing them the best services in terms of fast responding to their maintenance requests, besides to flexibility and reliability.

Shaker Group considers the quality of service as the most important element of success, the high quality that Shaker Group is providing to the customers day by day, in terms of meeting their needs and desires in a competitive prices; has resulted a strong presence in the minds of consumers in the Saudi market, and gaining their trust in the products and services.

The quality of service has become one of the most important values of shaker Group, driven by a continuous keenness to have a footprint approach of unique services provided to the customers, in a professional outlook with plenty of advantages. This is done through applying the newest global quality standards and technologies, which make the company continues the story of successes towards more achievements, reaching the high levels of satisfaction of customers and meeting their needs.

Therefore, Shaker Group launched the State of Art Customers Contact Centre supported with high-tech facilities and worldwide standards, to receive the customers’ requests and inquiries about Shaker Products through the 24 hrs. The Contact Center is supported with more than 35 agents providing the direct support for more than 100 customers on daily basis.

The toll-free8002445454 and the unified 920006054numbers are dedicated to facilitate and enhance customer's service experience. Moreover, the Direct support to the customers are provided on Shaker Social Media Platforms.

One of the most important priorities of Shaker group is providing workshops and service centers accessible to all customers in the different cities kingdom-wide, Shaker Group has more than 300 skilled and well trained technicians with more than 200 maintenance mobile units and above 25 advanced customers’ service centers in 24 cities of KSA.

Shaker Group is used to launch free maintenance campaigns on LG Air Conditioners, offering a unique opportunity to let customers know more about Shaker Group’s progressive standards in terms of first-class maintenance.

And aiming to form a solid link between the company and its loyal customers. These campaigns aspire to direct the attention toward the tomorrow’s prospective customers who are willing to join the LG’s family of high quality products and superior services delivered by a specialized team of engineers and technicians.

Shaker Group Confirms its trust worthy leading position in the Saudi Market, by implementing a continued growth and development on products and services, in compliance with the global standards and specifications. .

Shaker Group has sufficient expertise, material and human potentials that qualify the company to carry out serving the customers with integrated mechanism and standards of luxury and satisfaction. Shaker Group achieved the highest satisfaction rate via the rapidity and good quick response of service requests, and always looking for inventing better life aspects for all costumers.

Shaker Group strongly believes of the importance of communicating with customers through prompt and modern tools, and provided many services on the different social media channels. The services included submitting the service and maintenance requests and direct corresponding to the daily inquiries of consumers, this is to be more close to our customers wherever and whenever they are, using the latest modern technologies to completely dedicate them for best and fastest customers Care procedures.

Shaker Group adheres to the Saudization required percentages according to the laws of the Ministry of Labor. Providing job opportunities for Saudi youth, comes on top of Shaker priorities along with providing continued training programs to enhance their skills and competencies. Moreover, the most important reasons of the success achieved in Shaker Group, is the excellence in providing wide range of services to customers, and to maintain this leading position in the market, Shaker Group management is always acquiring more qualified Saudi employees and technicians as they are big added-value units to our story of success.

Shaker Group is constantly looking to maintain the leadership, aiming to develop the strategic plans to have the best representation for the global leading factories of Air Conditioners and Home Appliances products in KSA, along with providing highest quality of products accompanied with innovative After-Sales Services. Besides to ensuring the widest distribution channels in the market.