Indesit cookers are a perfect synthesis of efficiency, reliability and practicality. The modern and essential design makes them suitable to every type and style of furnishing. The new door is easy to clean thanks to its flat and linear design. You do not need the help of tools as the glass is easy to be installed and uninstalled, and allows you to easily clean up the most difficult areas. The quality of the cookers is also guaranteed to last a long time, thanks to the materials used to make them.


Indesit has a full range of solutions for all cooking needs with different sizes of devices and high-quality of materials. To meet every requirement, you can choose the most suitable solution to cater to your own needs, thanks to the simple and basic designs that fit your kitchens.


The Indesit Freestanding dishwasher is designed to make your life easier. It washes and dries even the dirtiest and bulkiest dishes effectively. This appliance has extremely low power consumption, allowing you to wash in less time as well as save energy and water. In addition to Plenty of space and a wide range of cycles for all kinds of dishes


Offering maximum performance with minimum effort is the aim of Indesit Laundry Machines. This means zero waste, minimizing consumption levels, and saving time and effort. Indesit Laundry aims to simplify life and to facilitate the task of washing and make every day a happy day.