LG Electronics is the largest global company which provides modern high-tech products to the customers to make their lives better and easier. The Air Conditioning sector in LG offers integrated solutions. LG Air Conditioners are features with the high environment-friendly technologies, and the most important feature is the high energy saving and perfect consumption. This is reflected the unique leadership of the Gulf area market in general and the Saudi market in particular, making LG Air Conditioners Number 1; the most selling ACs in Saudi Arabia.
Containing several categories:

Residential Air Conditioners


High Wall Split Air Conditioners:

Include a wide range of modern and innovative models which meet all the customers’ needs, due to the unique features of perfect health care, fast cooling, extreme durability, and the energy saving technologies.


Window Air Conditioners:

LG Window A/C units are not only stylish but packed with high-end features, from a panel control, soft-touch electronic control, wireless remote control and to gold fin protection. Besides to the power cooling and extreme durability features. LG Window A/Cs are reliable in different surrounding climatic conditions.


LG Air Purifiers:

With the state-of-the-art Air Purifier, you Keep your home’s air fresh, healthy and properly humidified, to protect your family from Allergens, Bacteria and Dusts.



Central Air Conditioners:


It is used for the commercial projects. It can be installed in various places such as restaurants, hotels, offices, meeting halls, palaces and Villas. It has a nice outlook and equipped with wide range of innovative technologies and modern features. The most important features are the high levels of the energy saving and reduction of the operations costs.



Applied Air Conditioning Systems


Provide total and integrated solutions for the smart and modern engineering and construction projects. It is featured with reliability & advanced efficiency technologies, energy saving & eco-friendly features. It includes the Chillers and Multi V Systems.



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