Bringing high levels of performance and energy savings LG’s Multi V ™ 5 (VRF) rolled out in the Saudi markets

Shaker Group, the sole agent for LG Air Conditioners in Saudi Arabia and many other prominent Home Appliances brands, is introducing to the Saudi market LG’s fifth generation VRF air conditioning system, being the latest Multi V 5 line utilizing industry-leading technologies, pushing boundaries even in the region’s most strenuous climates with its well-run practicality that boosts both energy efficiency and user comfort.

LG’s Multi V 5 new flagship AC solutions was introduced in two big ceremonies which took place in both Riyadh and Jeddah, attended by a large number of Shaker Group clientele , traders, consultants and distributors as well as member of the press ,journalists and media representatives.
During the ceremonies, speakers focused on LG’s Multi V5 ACs huge advantages with their improved seasonal capacities that smartly adapt to different climatic conditions, contributing to energy efficiency and cooling capacity.
The Multi V 5 features newest innovative technologies, including the advanced design of “Ultimate Inverter Compressor”, the “Dual Sensing Control System” which monitors temperature and humidity levels, as well as the new Heat Exchanger with modern specifications, joined together to boost efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.

Mr. Azzam Saud Almudaiheem, the Executive Director of Shaker Group, had to say on the launch of LG’s Multi V5.: “We have joined all of our efforts with the efforts deployed by the LG Research and Development Centers around the globe to access the latest technologies in the field of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating, taking into account the current demands of our local market. This can be achieved by integrating energy energy-saving and low-cost operational solutions”. “Our strategy aims to support the Kingdom in providing sustainable and energy efficiency solutions, moving in line with the Vision of 2030. Such directives motivate us to deliver more lavish technologies to capably fulfill our market needs and conserve our energy resources as well, Mr. Azzam added.

Characterized by advanced designs and high capabilities, Shaker Group’s projects are covering many of the residential, commercial, airports, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, hotels, and government buildings. The Group is marching ahead confidently, keeping abreast of the latest developments in our industry. It is worth mentioning that Shaker Group is now providing LG’s Inverter technology in all its residential split ACs and its commercial ACs in the Kingdom, the perfect combination of high design innovation with advanced technology know-how, for an ultimate cooling experience. 

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