Reducing Energy Consumption up to 53% plus 10 Years Warranty Shaker Group launches the New Generation of Dual Inverter ACs

Shaker Group, the sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners in Saudi Arabia, conducted recently the annual dealer’s conventions in five Saudi cities. The events were attended by over 1,500 VIP guests, including LG Air Conditioners’ dealers, contractors, developers and media people.  
Commented on the event, Mr. Jameel bin Abdullah Al Molhem, Managing Director of Shaker Group said: “We are keeping pace with the world’s transformations and advances in the field of cutting-edge air conditioners and cooling systems. We devoted our efforts with our global partner LG Electronics to develop the most advanced Air Conditioners with the dual inverter technology that meets the consumer’s needs, and move in line with the government’s ambitious plans on energy preservation as per the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Shaker Group prides itself to unveil, in this time specifically, the new generation of energy-saving ACs, responding to the existing priorities and to satisfy the Saudi consumer’s needs. With this in mind, we have launched our promotional campaign “Jeet Bwaktag – Just in Time” aimed at enlightening the local market of the huge capabilities of the Dual Inverter ACs.

During the event, Mr. Maissam Hannawi, Vice President of Marketing at Shaker Group, elaborated more on the LG’s innovative A/C products with the dual inverter technology through his interactive presentation that revealed the smart capabilities and countless benefits of this advanced products. “The new AC is capable of reducing the electricity bill up to 53%, as per the international TUV Laboratory’s certified tests. It also provides up to 60% faster cooling. And it comes with a generous 10-year warranty on compressor”. Those advantages respond to today’s requirements of the Saudi consumers in terms of energy saving consumption, especially with the upcoming increase in electricity tariff rates. As known, many countries in the world had already shifted completely to the inverter technology and banned the import of the conventional compressors.

Featuring innovative and advanced technologies, LG have enjoyed a top position as the global No.1 selling air conditioning brand, as reported by the Euro Monitor International.

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