Shaker Company Announces Cash Dividends Distribution of SAR 122.5 Million.

The board of Al-Hassan Ghazi I. Shaker Company has decided in its meeting convened on Tuesday October 18th, 2011 corresponding to 20/11/1432H, the distribution of cash dividends to company shareholders for the amount of SAR 122.5 Million from the realized earnings for the period ending Sep 30th, 2011 and from the accumulated earnings at the end of Financial Year 2010, equaling a distribution of SAR 3.5 Per Share being 35% of nominal share value and equaling to 35% of company capital with an increase of 16.7% over what was paid last year for same covered period knowing that entitlement for the share dividends, to be distributed, will be for holders of the company shares registered at the end of Tadawul trading day November 30th, 2011G corresponding to 5/1/1433H. The company will be processing the cash dividend distribution effective December 5th, 2011G corresponding to 10/1/1433 and should be announcing payment processing related details within due time.

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